NY Divorce Attorneys Share 5 Signs Your Marriage Might Be in Trouble

Every couple struggles at some point in their marriage. However, when issues arise continually, you need to evaluate whether remaining in the union is the best thing for you. The lawyers at Geffner Kersch in Garden City, NY, have assisted many clients who stayed in broken marriages too long despite frequent signs of trouble. Their divorce attorneys will help you end your marriage in a way that protects not only you but your children and financial security.

Divorce Attorneys Reveal 5 Signs of a Troubled Marriage

1. Affairs
If you or your spouse had an affair or are considering one, it’s a significant sign of trouble for your marriage. An affair is exceedingly difficult for a couple to get past and could make things worse if you decide to divorce.

2. Recurrent Fights
Arguing about money or other matters repeatedly can be a sign of trouble. If you and your spouse cannot find ways to communicate effectively and resolve issues, it might be time to call a divorce attorney or arrange mediation. Fights can escalate in intensity over time, possibly leading to verbal or physical abuse, so it’s best to take action sooner rather than later.

3. Lack of Sex
While infrequent sex rarely is the sole reason a person has an affair or chooses to get a divorce, it often contributes to their decision. This can be true whether you are having sex a few times a year or your relationship has become entirely celibate.

4. Focusing Solely on Your Kids
Another major sign a couple’s marriage is in jeopardy is when they devote all their time to their children. If you or your spouse aren’t interested in balancing the time you spend with your kids and each other, you could be on a path to divorce.

5. Time Apart
Spending too much time apart can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you or your spouse are participating in solitary activities more often — whether due to a lack of interest in the activity or desire for time alone — it could be a red flag.

If you have noticed any of these signs of trouble in your marriage, you might want to speak with a divorce attorney about your options. Geffner Kersch in Garden City, NY, has experience in family law and mediation that will be invaluable if you decide it’s time to end your marriage. Contact them online or call (516) 268-9898 to schedule a consultation