The best in the biz no doubt. Nobody gets you through one of the toughest times in your life like Carolyn and Alissa. They're all about the experience and definitely NOT your typical lawyers "

- R.L.

Alisa and Carolyn really get things done. They make good suggestions, listen to your input and adapt based on that. You never feel pushed into anything. Highly recommend. "

- R.C.

I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn Kersch. Although my case was a bit unusual, Carolyn was very knowledgeable on the matter and provided me with every possible solution. She answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease every time we spoke. Not only was Carolyn professional, she was compassionate, responsive, and honest. I could not ask for a better team. I highly recommend Geffner Kersch! "

- C.M.

Ms. Kersch was my attorney during my contentious divorce. She was there every step of the way. She listened to me, took my input and provided very clear options that considered legal, financial, and emotional impact. Her and her team are extremely responsive and treat each client with dignity and support through very tough and stressful life events. I have and would continue to recommend Ms. Kersch and firm to family and friends. "

- J.R.

"Divorce can be one of the most trying, complex and rough situations that a person can go through. I feel extremely grateful to have had Alisa by my side as my advocate and my voice in making this incredibly difficult process a much more manageable one. Alisa gives all and stops at nothing — as much as she was exceptionally understanding, sensitive and supportive of me, she was equally as tough, assertive and determined to get me to where I needed to be. Her intelligence matched with her compassion and bold nature makes her the exact person you want and need by your side during a divorce. I cannot say enough amazing things about Alisa and I also can’t stress enough how she is always available and always there for her clients. She always got back to me quickly no matter how big or small my concern was and no matter what time it was (late night evenings included!) to comfort me and assure me that she has this and has my back. And she always always did. I had the pleasure of getting to meet and know Carolyn as well and they make the most perfect team. I can’t imagine going and getting through this without Alisa as my attorney!! She is the absolute best!! "

- L.E.

"Carolyn represented me in my Divorce. From the onset she made me feel that she was on my side and cared tremendously for me as a person. Her bedside manner is top notch. I don't know how she was able to allocate the time to manage my emotions, often at night. The advice I got was sound legally, and also always took into account my emotions and long term objectives. Carolyn was the opposite of eager to Bill, and always kept my financials in mind. If you are looking to or getting divorced I would look no further. Carolyn is a fantastic attorney, who will fight for you day and night and also be a friend in a time of need. She will get the job done and make sure you get the best deal possible. "

- A.E.

"Alisa and Carolyn are extraordinary attorneys who make their clients a true priority. During such a challenging time in my life, both of these women were always reliable, accessible, and demonstrated an incredible work ethic. Between their vast knowledge of matrimonial law and their skill in the courtroom, I always felt confident with them in my corner. I could count on them to offer wisdom, motivation, and compassion. I highly recommend these attorneys to anyone seeking the best there is. "

- H.W.

"I had left my prior counsel and found Alisa and I'm glad I did. Alisa helped me through a very stressful and difficult divorce. She is very compassionate, proactive and guided me with making tough decisions. I also want to note her paralegal - Christine is very professional and sweet. "

- C.W.

"Alisa Geffner and Carolyn Kersch are amazing and helped me reach a favorable resolution of my family matter. They were responsive, compassionate and I never once doubted their legal expertise or professionalism. I have worked with attorneys over the years, and none of them compared to the service I received at Geffner Kersch. They really made me feel as though I was their ONLY client, and I would not be in the happy place I am today without them. I strongly recommend their services. "

- J.C.

"My family had the pleasure of working with Carolyn Kersch on a personal matter for all of us. She made what was a scary time for my family calm and sensible. Her expertise, matched with her compassion and straightforwardness, got us through the situation in a quick and painless matter. She really takes the time to get to know you and understand the situation, which we all appreciated. Trust me when I say she's not a lawyer who cares about money -- she cares about people. "

- D.I.

"Helped me with my divorce . Knowledgeable , caring and gives every option. Really tries to do what is in your best interest . "

- K.I.

"Both Carolyn and Alisa are professional, understanding and caring. They make a difficult time easier with their compassion. I highly recommend them!"

- K.K.

"I hired Alisa and Caroline to assist me in getting me more parenting time with my son. I knew i made the right choice when I was sending Alisa pictures from my first week-long vacation with my son in 7 years. Alisa always provided me with honest and thoughtful advice, while lending a compassionate and caring ear when needed. I couldn’t recommend Alisa and Caroline more. Thank you ladies for everything."

- S.G.

"Alisa and Carolyn are two of the best attorneys I have ever worked with. They helped me with honest, real and practical advice in various aspects of family law. Alisa returns calls promptly and always lends a supportive ear. They are a knowledgeable team that works together to develop legal arguments for their clients. I cannot recommend them enough. "

- M.G.

"This firm is owned and operated by two amazing attorneys. I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn Kersch on my matrimonial matter. Carolyn was highly knowledgeable in the areas of matrimonial and family law. She handled the matter with complete professionalism and helped achieve a resolution to a long-standing difficult divorce process. Carolyn brings a realistic, yet sensitive, approach to representation which is the crucial delicate balance needed in an attorney handling matrimonial matters. I would not hesitate to recommend Carolyn Kersch to any potential client. The support staff was also extremely patient and helpful. This is a small practice with big talent. "

- A.M.

"I used Geffner Kersch for my divorce back in August 2018, and couldnt be happier with them. The divorce finalized in May 2019. It was pretty quick and painless. Since then, Alisa and Caroline have been nothing but supportive and helpful anytime I need their help or advice, responding to every question quickly and calming me during anxious moments. I have recommended them to others, and will continue to do so in the future. "

- E.R.

"Geffner Kersch are the best attorneys around. They are the most proactive and responsive divorce attorneys. I was always guided in the right direction in every situation. I have referred them multiple times and everyone was beyond happy with the services. Don't hesitate to use them. "

- J.L.

"Carolyn has always treated me with the utmost respect and care during the most difficult time in my life. Even after my divorce was long over she never hesitated to respond to any question I had post divorce relating to child custody issues and more. If you are in search of a caring, compassionate and skillful attorney search no more. This firm will work tirelessly for you and will always put you as a priority."

- L.M.

"First and foremost, Carolyn Kersch is a superlative person. She is also a superb divorce attorney, who handled the issues surrounding my child and strategy vis-a-vis opposing counsel with elegance, skill, and grace. Beyond being dedicated to her craft, Carolyn Kersch is smart, tactful, creative, and you will quickly discover has the experience to navigate your priorities in an uncertain justice system, whatever they happen to be. She is committed to her work, and does whatever it takes to advocate for your position. Her integrity is nothing short of sterling. Do you and your family a favor and consider Geffner Kersch on your matrimonial attorney short list."

- L.J.A

"The BEST! From day one at my consultation Carolyn always had my best interest at the forefront, she knew exactly what needed to be done on my case every step of the way. In addition , the office is staffed with professionals who went above and beyond; my calls and emails were always answered in timely manner. Thank you."

- M.A.

"Carolyn Kersch will be your lawyer, counselor, teacher and motivational speaker during the hardest time of your life." She is the reason I can take care of my children and give them the support that they need. Thank you for always being there for me and family."

- S.F.

"Geffner Kersch is the most amazing matrimonial law firm you will ever find. After four years of bouncing around the court system with other law firms in one of the most contested divorce cases you could imagine I was introduced to Alisa and Carolyn. Within six-month of them taking over my case they got me the most amazing settlement possible. They are simple the best matrimonial law firm you could ever find."

- M.R.

"Alisa Geffner embodies what a supportive divorce attorney and "counsel" should be. I have always been able to count on her to give me honest, and down to earth, advice every step of the way. I have never felt that she is only interested in going back into court. In times when I was not feeling so rational, she has been a voice of reason to help me avoid unnecessary conflict, and manage each challenge."

- L.A.

"I would recommend Carolyn Kersch to everyone. She is a phenomenal attorney and literally saved my life at a time where I felt like my life was sinking. She defended me as if I were family. She turned my life around and now my children and I feel safe and covered. She is brilliant and will never give up until you win. I trust her completely and I feel honored to have her represent me. I have always been treated with the utmost respect by her and her team. I never write reviews but I had to write this review because she was so amazing. I cannot say enough about this extraordinary attorney and her team. Thank you Carolyn for everything you have done and are doing for my family and me. Our lives would not be as bright if you had not come along to help. "

- L.W.

"Carolyn and Alisa are not only smart and personable, but they take their time to make sure they have an educated client. They took as much time as I needed to help me along with my case. That said, they didn't waste any time either....we all wanted to get through a painful process expeditiously, fairly and with care. Five stars all around! We need more matrimonial attorney's like Geffner Kersch!"

- S.Z.

"Ms. Kersch is very good at what she does. She is very knowledgeable and is able to explain things even in laymen terms. My whole process I was made me feel at ease and was given great comfort that I was going with the right firm to help me with my case. I felt that Ms. Kersch was attentive and very responsive to my questions and requests. I give her firm 5 stars and would recommend her to anyone seeking an attorney for their needs."

- D.C.

"Carolyn was one of the sweetest and most understanding lawyers I have ever met! Her smile was so relaxing and she was very attentative to your needs! You will not be disappointed!"

- F.Y.

"Geffner Kersch is without a doubt the best and most thorough and personable law firm and I can tell you from personal and from others that I know have benefited from them that this is by far your best choice for legal representation you will ever find.."

- stealth469

"Would highly recommend Geffner Kersch. Both Alisa and Carolyn are excellent attorneys, responsive, never felt over billed and they did a great job on a complicated matter."

- L.H.T

"Choosing an Attorney is a serious decision in any legal matter, but when faced with Matrimonial/Child Custody issues, there tends to be a lot of drama and pettiness, making it an even more stressful and emotionally painful ordeal.
From my very first phone call, Carolyn gave me her full attention and answered all of my questions showing how knowledgeable and capable she is. The following week I called back, and Carolyn wasn't in, but her partner Alisa took my call and treated me like I was their #1 client and I hadn't even retained her yet!
During such a stressful time, Carolyn and her team always put you at ease. It's so comforting to know someone is focusing on resolving your biggest problems. Carolyn truly understands your concerns and is remarkable at bringing to light the real issues. She shines in a courtroom and gets the best outcome. She fights for you, gives you a voice better than your own. She makes you feel like you're her main priority.
I'm so proud to say Carolyn is my lawyer who I know I can rely on."

- D.R.

"Simply great! Sharp, smart, the best counselors anyone could ask for."

- S.R.