How You & Your Divorce Lawyer Can Prove Cash Income

When going through a divorce, you cannot always depend on the honesty or cooperation of your former spouse. This is especially true when the two of you disagree about child custody and support. It isn't uncommon for courts to get involved, and if your former spouse earns a cash income, it can be even more complex. Thankfully, a good divorce lawyer will have several ways to help you prove your ex's income.

A Quick Guide to Proving Cash Income
To lay a baseline for the amount of income your ex must be generating, your divorce lawyer will point out their lifestyle. This may include purchases, vacations, living arrangements, activities, their home and vehicles. Unless your ex is racking up credit card debt, the money they spend has to come from somewhere.

Bank Deposits
Even if there is not a record of the money paid to your spouse, their bank statements may clearly show how much cash is coming in. While this isn't foolproof – (e.g. if your ex spends their earnings without banking it) – it does illustrate a minimum income.

Forensic Accountant
If you're still having difficulty demonstrating your ex's income to the court, a forensic accountant can make all the difference. It's their job to chase down how much money a person or business is making and spending, and where it's going to. This is also useful if you believe your spouse has hidden marital assets to which you have a claim.

If you're facing resistance over child support or alimony, you have options. Talk to the divorce lawyers at Geffner Kersch in Garden City, NY, and start the process of exposing your former spouse's income. They provide quality representation from experienced attorneys whose background in family law will help you reach and enforce a fair settlement. To schedule a consultation, call (516) 268-9898