Same Sex Issues

Same Sex Issues with Geffner Kersch in New York

The attorneys at Geffner Kersch handle all types of matrimonial and family law cases with the utmost respect, including those involving clients in same-sex relationships and marriages. Same- sex couples in New York have the same legal issues as other couples including separation, divorce, the division of assets, and meeting the needs of any children they have or plan to have together.

Common same-sex issues when starting a family include surrogacy and second parent adoption. It is important to consult a lawyer before making any decisions to ensure that the legal rights of both parents are clearly established and the parent-child relationship applies to the non-biological parent. This is important so that both parents can ensure the care or medical treatment of a minor. In the event of a divorce, child custody could become more complicated if legal parentage has not already been established.

Alisa J. Geffner and Carolyn D. Kersch are experienced lecturers on the legal issues sex couples face. Most recently, they addressed these issues in a lecture for the Nassau County Bar Association on the landmark Supreme Court case legalizing same sex marriages (Obergfell). The attorneys at Geffner Kersch serve the greater New York City area, which includes all five boroughs in addition to all of Long Island and Westchester counties.